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What Grinding Your Teeth Does to Your Smile

For many people, waking up with an aching or sore jaw is not typically indicative of an oral health concern. Oftentimes individuals believe that perhaps they slept wrong, or maybe they bit down a bit too aggressively on a food item, or something of the like. For many, however, it can be indicative of grinding… Read more »

Bruxism: Questions You Keep Wondering About! 

Bruxism disorders seems like a simple issue at first glance. You get it. You’re not trying to grind or clench your teeth but you’re doing it every day (or nightly) because you cannot control the muscle movements that are taking place. Fortunately, you also know that our Lake Orion, MI team offers bruxism treatment to… Read more »

Don’t Beat Yourself Up About Your Bruxism

When you learn that you have bruxism disorder, you may find yourself feeling lots of emotions! One thing that may happen is you may end up giving yourself a somewhat hard time about the fact that you didn’t pick up on it before we found it. Or, you may have known for some time that… Read more »