Month: August 2019

Rules To Live By: Reasons To Replace Your Brush

While there are often rules and guidelines for many things in life, one of those details you may never have considered before? The fact that there are some reasonable rules to live by when it comes to your toothbrush! Never really considered it but you’re realizing now that this extremely important product must have quite… Read more »

What Does Your Smile Still Need, As Summer Ends?

Does your smile have everything it could possibly need? Have you received the dental care you planned on receiving over the course of the summer season? If you started to nod but then realized the answer is, “No!” and proceeded to shake your head from side to side, then it may be time to consider… Read more »

Why Rushing Your Dental Care Can Backfire! 

When you brush and you rush, things can go a bit haywire! The same thing is true about rushing through your flossing sessions and even when you become rushed in terms of the professional dental care you receive from our Lake Orion, MI practice! With that said, you may wonder: Why is it such a… Read more »

Helping You Schedule Your Dental Checkups

You know that you should really call us soon to schedule your next dental checkup. You might be just about ready for one. You may be a bit overdue. Or, you may realize that it’s been a very long time since your last visit with our Lake Orion, MI team (or any dental care team… Read more »

Fast Facts: All About Your Tongue!

Nope, we’re not telling you about your teeth today. Or your gums. Not even your lips! Today, our Lake Orion, MI team has decided to check in with you in terms of some very important information you may not know just yet about your tongue. While it’s an ever-obvious part of your mouth, you might… Read more »

What Will My Journey With Veneers Include?

When you’re thinking about coming in for porcelain veneers, you know that this cosmetic dentistry treatment can do a lot for you. Of course, you realize that when you select veneers and decide to take this exciting journey on as your means of achieving a better looking grin, you are essentially signing up for an… Read more »