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Is It Time For Your Routine Checkup?

My smile is perfect! Portrait of happy patient in dental chair.

Taking care of your smile is a practice that you will take on for life, and the earlier you start, the better off your oral health will be. Indeed, your oral health is heavily influenced by a variety of different factors, and as such, your at-home preventive dental routine should reflect its various needs. Still,… Read more »

How To Feel Okay About Your Tooth Loss

No, you probably don’t feel good about the fact that you are currently dealing with tooth loss! We get that. However, what our Lake Orion, MI team is focusing on today is the fact that there’s most definitely a way to pull yourself out of feeling gloomy and, instead, to quickly cultivate optimistic feelings that… Read more »

Smile Care: Good Habits You Don’t Realize You’ve Formed 

It’s easy to spend your time focusing on everything you might be doing wrong for your smile. You wonder, are you brushing correctly? Is there something you’re not quite noticing that could be driving your teeth toward possible tooth decay? We understand! However, while it’s possible for some not-so-great things to be happening, it’s important… Read more »

Chances You Should (And Shouldn’t) Take With Your Smile

Sometimes, as you have heard before (and likely many times), you just have to take a chance, when it comes to enjoying change! When we apply this line of thinking to your smile, the idea holds true! However, you may find yourself wondering: What types of chances should you take and what types should you… Read more »

Enjoy Candy-Free Fun This Halloween! 

Halloween is barreling in our direction, which means you essentially have two choices if you are someone who happens to really like candy. You can choose to bring it into your celebration. Or, you may choose to avoid it! Whatever you decide, if you find that you often wonder what else you could do to… Read more »

Autumn Is Here: Smile Stuff To Start Stocking! 

What does it mean now that autumn has officially graced us with its presence? Well, there’s a very long list of answers that comes with that! Of course, it means that the fall and winter holidays are steadily getting closer and closer. It means cooler weather. As a result, it also means there are some… Read more »