Soda: Super? So-So? Or Smile Damaging?

Yum! Soda. It’s effervescent and crisp. It’s oh so refreshing. It’s…bad for your smile health? Or, is that only certain type of carbonated beverages? Or, is it only if it’s a drink packed full of sugar? You know that you’re probably supposed to steer clear of soda pop when at all possible but the reason escapes you (and, as a result, you wonder: are you free to sip it with reckless abandon?). While our Lake Orion, MI team would love to report otherwise, the final word is that it’s not super or so-so but is, instead, damaging to your smile. For the somewhat more scientific answers you want, we’re here with the details.

Let’s Talk About Acid Erosion

We want you to realize that no matter which soda you reach for, no matter what flavor, color, list of ingredients, etc., it’s going to promote acid erosion. This is because all sodas are very acidic. While you may have thought it had something to do with the carbonation or strictly with sugar content, that’s not the case. Will sugar make matters worse? Yes. However, again, whether you’re coating your smile in acid and sugar replacements or acid and sugar, it’s still bad news. Keep this detail in mind: The protective, shield-like tissue layer that surrounds each tooth is known as enamel. As it is exposed to acid, it starts to weaken and may even become thinner over time. This is the opposite of what you want, as you strive to protect your smile health, so skipping soda is best.

Let’s Explore Associated Oral Health Issues

You get that damaged enamel due to acid erosion doesn’t sound like a good thing. However, you still don’t know why it really matters. Won’t your teeth be okay? They seem very resilient, after all. Well, remember that drinking one soda on occasion, drinking it and then immediately swishing with H2O, or drinking soda three times a day will all yield different results. It all comes down to how frequently (and for how long a period of time) teeth are saturated with acid. The more frequent and longer, the greater the physical damage, which can make teeth susceptible to cavities and more (which is bad for your smile health, of course).

Let’s Remember: There’s Dental Care!

Remember, whether you have already started to recognize that acid erosion is harming your smile or you are just now figuring out that you need to change your beverage habits, we are here to help! Bring this topic up during your next checkup for further advice or dental care!

Treat Your Smile With Optimal Protection 

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