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Preventing Decay With A Filling

Caused by harmful oral bacteria, tooth decay is arguably the biggest and most common threat to your oral health. It can cause a tooth to weaken, infect the internal tissues, and even cause them to become compromised beyond the point of return, resulting in the need for an extraction. Making sure to take preventive steps… Read more »

Why More Modern Fillings Are Tooth-Colored

Tooth fillings have been a part of restorative dental care for a long time, and many older patients who’ve had cavities filled in the past may remember when they were mostly made from metal amalgam. Today, however, increasingly more people who want to treat mild to moderate cavities choose tooth-colored fillings, rather than metal amalgam… Read more »

When You Treat a Cavity with a Tooth-Colored Filling

One of the biggest reasons why cavities are common is because they can develop before you realize it. Therefore, they can damage your tooth structure before you’re able to seek treatment for them. However, once a cavity becomes severe enough, its presence is no longer a secret. In addition to the discomfort the cavity causes,… Read more »

Fillings: Nope, That’s Just A Myth! 

You hear lots of stuff about dental fillings, when you need one. Most of the time, none of your friends or family casually mention restorative treatments to you! Then, you happen to mention the fact that you have a cavity and need dental care to a friend and the floodgates open! You’re hearing this detail… Read more »

How To Figure Out: When Is It Time For Fillings?

Are you unsure about how you are supposed to know when it’s time for a dental filling? What if it’s not even a filling you need but instead, something else? While you can appreciate the fact that restorations are extremely important for your smile health when you need them, you’re more focused on what it… Read more »

Tooth Decay: Why It’s A Serious Enemy To Consider!

You may think of tooth decay as something that’s not really a very big deal. It can happen to anyone, it’s fixable with the help of a dental filling, and we can find it for you very early on. So, why bother to really worry? Well, the truth is, these are all accurate details if… Read more »