Month: August 2011

Oral Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore: Bad Breath

As a family and general dentist in Lake Orion, Michigan, Dr. Brad Greenfield is an advocate of preventive dentistry. Good at-home dental hygiene, regular bi-annual dental checkups and cleanings, and eating right are just a few things you can do to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. Still, regular preventive measures are still not enough at times.

Actual Patient Testimonial

Dr. Greenfield and every one of the staff who assisted me today exceeded all of my expectations and I am not that easy to please. The staff worked to fit me in at the last minute and even remembered my previous scheduling issues. Shannon especially, is very skilled and takes pride in her work. My teeth look better than they ever have and the dentist explained ways to prevent future problems. Really, can you beat that? SO glad I changed to Dr. Greenfield and his outstanding staff!!!!

Holistic Dentistry

With a holistic approach, your entire body is taken into consideration, rather than just the mouth. Dr. Greenfield understands that your oral health is interrelated to the health of your whole body and that the two can rarely be completely separated.

Back to School with a Smile

New clothes for school, a never-ending shopping list of school supplies, new lunchboxes and backpacks, general checkups and physicals, and working out the carpool schedule are all things that have to be taken care of before your kids embark on this next chapter of their childhood, but what about their dental care? Is a dental checkup on your child’s back-to-school list?

The Deficiency of Bottled Water

It’s called fluoride. This naturally occurring mineral attracts other minerals that strengthen tooth enamel. Differing from other vital minerals, fluoride is rarely found in everyday foods and drinks. Too much bottled water could result in low levels of fluoride in the body. Babies who drink formula mixed only with bottled water, for example, usually do not ingest a sufficient amount of fluoride. Using tap water every now and then would help. Fluoride deficiency causes high risk for cavities.

How to Have Great Smiles in Family Vacation Photos

Just remember to pack these items for each person traveling and you’ll have great smiles in your vacation photos for years to come! Also, with the kids out of school, now is a great time to get them in to see the dentist for a cleaning and checkup. If you or your kids are due for an exam, call Dr. Brad Greenfield at Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion Michigan, at (248) 693-6213.