Month: July 2021

Mitigating Chips And Cracks With Bonding

Stomatologist polishing female patients teeth, oral cavity protection, close up

Nothing is more disheartening than taking the necessary steps to ensure a lifelong, beautiful smile just for a random accident to tarnish your appearance with blemishes. Indeed, preventive dentistry allows for significant protection from infections and other issues, but unfortunately, cannot protect your smile from it all. For instance, a physical injury due to an… Read more »

How Dental Porcelain Improves Your Smile

Girl chooses color of veneers at the dentist office

There are a variety of factors that go into caring for your grin. From how frequently you practice your preventive dental routine to what types of foods you consume and everything else in-between, your grin needs consistent care. In some cases, the concern is not one that threatens your oral health or your smile’s function,… Read more »

Understanding Your Smile’s Health

a child with healthy strong white teeth gnaws a carrot. healthy lifestyle concept

It goes without saying that caring for your smile’s health is among the most important considerations. Indeed, your teeth are extremely valuable because they help accomplish a variety of functions. For instance, they work together with your other structures to perform routine tasks such as biting, chewing, and eating. Unfortunately, there exist a variety of… Read more »

Checkups Complete Your Preventive Routine

Image of a handsome happy young man sitting in medical dentist center.

Dentistry is an all-encompassing term that includes most treatments relevant to the oral cavity or mouth. Cosmetic dentistry handles appearance or surface-level concerns, restorations deal with mitigating infection and reversing damage, and prevention handles keeping your smile strong to fend off the many threats your smile endures daily. While these seem like very distinct categories,… Read more »

Major Benefits Of A Straight Smile

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Taking care of your smile means much more than just brushing your teeth. In fact, your oral cavity consists of multiple components, including the gums, tongue, teeth, lips, cheeks, jaw, and throat. Because of this, it is important to practice a well-rounded preventive routine. Even still, not every concern can be anticipated, and some might… Read more »

When To Consider A Periodontal Cleaning

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It goes without saying that there are countless factors out there that can pose a significant threat to your oral health. Indeed, among the most common is dental decay, which can affect millions of individuals of all ages annually. While decay is one of the most common concerns, however, it is far from the only… Read more »