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Correcting A Multi-Tooth Gap With A Bridge

3d Illustration of a Fixed partial denture bridge, isolated white.

Nothing is more disheartening than putting in all of the work and effort to keeping your smile healthy and happy just for a dental emergency to occur and rip the rug from beneath your feet. Indeed, tooth loss is a phenomenon that we all experience once as children when our adult teeth replace our baby… Read more »

Situations That Warrant Dental Extraction

Close up, Dentists hold teeth decay samples after tooth extracti

If they were given the chance, most adults would not opt for a tooth extraction or removal. Indeed, losing a permanent structure can be a troubling thing to grapple with, but unfortunately for some, it is a reality that must be faced. You see, major infections, dislodged teeth due to a physical accident or emergency,… Read more »

Why You Should Replace Lost Teeth

While it is never ideal to experience tooth loss, it can occur in adults if proper measures are not taken to preserve your oral health. In fact, loss can be the result of physical factors such as a dislodged oral structure, or even due to the spreading of disease such as decay or periodontitis. Regardless… Read more »

Why You Should Address Tooth Loss as Soon as Possible

From the moment a tooth is lost, you’re likely to notice it. Not only will your smile look different (if the loss is visible), but your bite will feel different, and you may begin to experience a number of different other oral health concerns. From that same moment, there are also much less noticeable impacts… Read more »