Month: July 2019

Gum Contouring: Is It What You’ve Been Missing?

Have you been wondering what to do about the way your smile looks but you can’t seem to come to a conclusion about exactly what’s wrong with your teeth? Perhaps this is because the actual problem that’s causing your esthetic concerns isn’t your teeth at all … instead, it may be your gum tissue that… Read more »

Ask Yourself: What’s Your Whitening Deadline?

What’s your personal deadline when it comes to whitening your smile? Are you hoping to be able to take a look in the mirror and see a reflection with a truly glowing grin for any particular season, event, milestone, etc.? The answer is frequently yes from our Lake Orion, MI patients! Unfortunately, it’s also very… Read more »

Skip The Chips: Easy Ways To Avoid Chipped Teeth 

Of course, you probably already know that the world of dental care is vast, which means that if you end up with a chipped tooth, we can absolutely help you! When you visit our Lake Orion, MI practice, we provide the comprehensive care you require both to prevent problems and to treat problems, whether oral… Read more »

Your Family’s Smiles: The Water Edition!

Would you say that you usually have a bottle of water with you when you’re on the go? Do you generally fill up a glass of water for every member of your family during meals? Do you bother to do anything for your smile after snacks? While it may not be on your mind all… Read more »

Dentures And Fit Issues: Important Considerations! 

It’s one of those things you sort of think about last. Or, until you realize something doesn’t feel right. Our Lake Orion, MI team is talking about the fit of your denture. Your main concern, of course, is how your full denture is going to look, how to take care of it, and simply being… Read more »

How Does Dental Bonding Help You Feel Better?

You may recognize that dental bonding is a way you can rely on cosmetic dentistry in order to fix little esthetic problems with your grin. However, what you may not yet have begun considering is the way choosing bonding can impact how you feel. In fact, not only will it help you feel better emotionally… Read more »