Month: October 2012

Oral Health Quiz: Nature vs. Nurture

Do genes play a significant role in oral health? Dr. Greenfield developed a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Concealing Craze Lines with Lake Orion Dentist

Concerned about the appearance of craze lines? Interested in learning more about how to conceal craze lines? Dr. Greenfield provides a few options.

What You Should Know This National Dental Hygiene Month

In spite of their commonness, many oral health issues can largely be avoided with proper dental hygiene. Lake Orion dentist, Dr. Greenfield, explains the tenets of a clean and healthy mouth.

Lake Orion Dentist on Dental Phobia

Afraid of visiting the dentist? Scared of needles and drills? Lake Orion Family Dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield, could be able to help.