Month: May 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Need for Straighter Teeth

If your teeth have always been straight and you’ve never needed to wear braces, then learning they’ve become crooked in your adult years can be surprising. Most people expect to become crooked as they’re developing, which is why people often associate orthodontic treatment with children’s dentistry. However, even after they’ve fully grown and developed, adult… Read more »

Why You Should Address Tooth Loss as Soon as Possible

From the moment a tooth is lost, you’re likely to notice it. Not only will your smile look different (if the loss is visible), but your bite will feel different, and you may begin to experience a number of different other oral health concerns. From that same moment, there are also much less noticeable impacts… Read more »

3 Important Benefits of CEREC One-Day Crowns

The benefits that come with restoring a tooth with a custom-designed dental crown are significant when it comes to your tooth’s immediate and long-term health. The most common reasons for capping a tooth with a dental crown is to restore it from significant damage, or from the threat of a concern that affects its structural… Read more »

When You Treat a Cavity with a Tooth-Colored Filling

One of the biggest reasons why cavities are common is because they can develop before you realize it. Therefore, they can damage your tooth structure before you’re able to seek treatment for them. However, once a cavity becomes severe enough, its presence is no longer a secret. In addition to the discomfort the cavity causes,… Read more »

Do You Catch Yourself Grinding Your Teeth Often?

If you notice that your tooth hurts, or that your gums are bleeding when you brush and floss your teeth, then it may be obvious that something’s wrong with your oral health. However, the signs of other oral health concerns, such as bruxism, might not always be so obvious at first. Bruxism describes the constant… Read more »

How to Stop Gum Disease’s Development

Knowing that gum disease is often incurable once it reaches a certain point can have different impacts. For example, it could motivate you to take your periodontal health more serious and do more to prevent gum disease from developing. Or, if you already have gum disease, then it may seem like your fight against it… Read more »