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Oral Cancer Awareness in Lake Orion

It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Week, and Dr. Greenfield wants to see how much you know about oral cancer.

Dental Hygiene Cures for Springtime Problems

Your oral hygiene products can be used for more than cleaning your mouth. If you’re planning to spend Earth Day weekend embracing the beautiful weather, ask Dr. Greenfield how to stay healthy.

Do You Have Morning Breath?

Do you wake up with a dry mouth or bad breath? Morning breath is normal, but constant halitosis is not. Visit Dr. Greenfield to keep your breath fresh.

Alcohol Awareness and Dental Health From Your Lake Orion Dentist

It’s Alcohol Awareness Month, and you should be aware that excessive alcohol consumption affects your oral health. Dr. Greenfield can detect and treat tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and dry mouth early on to save your smile.