Dental Implants and Bridges

May 28, 2014

Just one missing tooth can affect your smile, self-confidence, facial structure, your jawbone, joints, and surrounding muscle. You wouldn’t think an individual tooth could hold such importance, but it does. Your tooth is like a bone. If you were to lose part of your bone from any part of your body, there would be numerous […]

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Three Unique Patients, One Solution for Tooth Loss

May 14, 2014

As you’ll see, even patients who practice excellent oral hygiene can still lose their teeth. Dr. Brad Greenfield, an implant dentist in Lake Orion, MI, explains that despite their differences, the patients you’ll read about in these hypothetical scenarios can all benefit from a single solution: dental implants. […]

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Three Different Patients, One Implant Solution

March 24, 2014

In today’s post, Dr. Brad Greenfield, your Lake Orion, MI implant dentist, shares a few what-if scenarios to show that patients of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from the cosmetic and functional nature of dental implants. Ellie, age 60, has rheumatoid arthritis that causes severe pain in her knuckles, hands, and elbows. Even so, […]

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Improve Your Smile with Dental Crowns

December 3, 2013

                  In order to restore a tooth to full function and beauty, you may require a dental crown. A dental crown can be custom-made from biocompatible materials to ensure a lifelike and holistic restoration. Your . […]

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General dental care provides preventive services along with feedback about your oral health. We provide important oral health reviews for patients of all ages.

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The right solution for an active oral health issue can give you more confidence in your smile along with the support to bite and chew comfortably.

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We strive to make every visit comfortable for the kids who depend on us, and we provide reviews and protection that helps you keep them safe from oral health threats.

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