Month: March 2012

Why Does Your Child Have Cavities?

Dr. Greenfield can tell you what factors are influencing your child’s dental health, and what you can do to keep young smiles healthy.

Cosmetic Dental Myths

Before visiting Dr. Greenfield to receive cosmetic smile enhancements, you have to know the proper care and treatment required to keep your new smile bright. Don’t be fooled by these common myths that can destroy your smile.

A Brighter Smile in Just One Visit

Dr. Greenfield offers cosmetic and restorative treatments that can brighten your smile in just one visit.

Don’t Take a Spring Break from Dental Care

Your Spring Break activities may cause you to pay less attention to your oral care. Visit Dr. Greenfield to avoid taking a break from dental care.

Keep Your Child’s Teeth Safe from Fluorosis

Does your child use a safe amount of fluoride? Fluorosis can discolor developing teeth. Dr. Greenfield can treat fluorosis and provide proper fluoride applications to keep your child’s teeth healthy.