Month: October 2011

Having a Healthy Halloween

These parenting tips will help you keep your kids smiling — and you won’t have to play the villain!

Meet Your Dental Team!

Do you know what each member of your dental team is responsible for? At Lake Orion Family Dental, they all work together to provide you with a healthy smile.

Oral Hygiene for Your Infant

All parents want the best for their babies, and part of the responsibility of parenting is helping babies maintain good health.

Lake Orion Dentist Explains: A Conservative Smile Makeover

While Dr. Greenfield can’t help you with weight or skin problems, he can improve your overall image with a smile makeover. Crooked, stained, or missing teeth can make you look old and unhealthy – that’s the cold, hard truth. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can take care of these problems.

Making Oral Hygiene Fun

Find out 4 easy tips for making oral hygiene fun for kids. Contact Dr. Greenfield for more information about children’s dentistry.

Grinding Your Teeth In Your Sleep

If you have chronic headaches, earaches, or restricted jaw movement, you could be affected by bruxism.