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Amanda’s Patient Satisfaction Survey

Dr. Greenfield continues to satisfy patients with our state-of-the-art facility, comfortable environment, and highly trained dental team.

Satisfied Dental Patients in Lake Orion

If you’re looking for a dentist you can trust in Lake Orion, take a look at what some of Dr. Greenfield’s patients have to say about our team and services.

Satisfied Patient Comments

Your feedback is important to help our staff continue to satisfy happy patients. Feel free to discuss your comments, feelings, concerns, and experiences with Dr. Greenfield and our team.

Satisfied Dental Patients in Lake Orion, Michigan

Are you looking for a dentist in Lake Orion that you can trust? Dr. Greenfield’s patient testimonials explain how our services and care satisfy our patients.

Meet Your Dental Team!

Do you know what each member of your dental team is responsible for? At Lake Orion Family Dental, they all work together to provide you with a healthy smile.