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Monitor Your Dental Health at Lake Orion Family Dentistry

Attending your six month dental checkup is mandatory to monitoring your dental health. Dr. Greenfield’s exam focuses on your oral and overall health, including a state-of-the-art VELScope cancer screening.

The Components of a Dental Checkup

You need to visit Dr. Greenfield every six months for a professional dental checkup. Read more to find out what’s involved in your Lake Orion dental checkup.

Dental Health During the Teenage Years

Many teenagers think that being healthy just refers to their physical condition. The truth, the teenage years are crucial to overall growth and development. It’s often said that the brain you have when you’re an adult is wired when you’re a teenager. Dental health is liked closely with overall health and well being, so receiving quality dental care as a teenager can contribute to a foundation for lifelong health.

Lake Orion Family Dentistry Does a Little Fall Cleaning!

On Halloween, we dressed up like maids and had a little fun while getting work done in our dental office. We scrubbed and cleaned the office from top to bottom to make it sparkly, shiny, and spotless- kind of like when we clean your smile!

What’s Eating Your Teeth?

First of all, acid erosion occurs when acidic substances come in contact with tooth enamel. The acid causes tooth enamel to soften and release valuable minerals. Over time, saliva neutralizes acids, re-mineralizes tooth structure, and, thus, re-hardens tooth enamel. Problem is, if acid comes in contact with teeth again, before saliva’s restoration powers have worked their magic, the tooth cannot recover. Enamel wears down (we call this tooth structure loss or TSL), and the sensitive underlying layer of dentin can become exposed. Repeated acid attacks can result in thinner tooth enamel, possible change in tooth appearance, small cracks on edges of teeth, and mild to extreme tooth sensitivity. TSL can also increase the risk for cavities.